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BoldoJect (Boldenone Undecylenate)BoldoJect (Boldenone Undecylenate)
Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate)Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate)
Clomiphene (Clomiphene Citrate)Clomiphene (Clomiphene Citrate)
Dianabol (Methandienone)Dianabol (Methandienone)
Dianabolin-Depot  (Methandienone)Dianabolin-Depot (Methandienone)
Methastenon (Methandienone, Dianabol)Methastenon (Methandienone, Dianabol)
Naposim (Methandienone, Dianabol)Naposim (Methandienone, Dianabol)
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HGH (Somatropin)HGH (Somatropin)
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Jintropin (HGH, Somatropin)Jintropin (HGH, Somatropin)
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Primobolan Depot (Methenolone Enanthate)Primobolan Depot (Methenolone Enanthate)
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Stanabol (Stanozolol)Stanabol (Stanozolol)
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Winstrol Depot (Stanozolol)Winstrol Depot (Stanozolol)
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Omnadren-250 (Sustanon)Omnadren-250 (Sustanon)
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Sustanon 250Sustanon 250
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Testabol EnanthateTestabol Enanthate
Testabol PropionateTestabol Propionate
Andropen 275Andropen 275
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Testosterone DepotTestosterone Depot
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Testosterone PropionateTestosterone Propionate
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Parabolin Depot (Trenbolone Acetate)Parabolin Depot (Trenbolone Acetate)
Trenabol (Trenbolone Acetate)Trenabol (Trenbolone Acetate)
Trenabol Depot (Trenbolone)Trenabol Depot (Trenbolone)
TrenaJect (Trenbolone Acetate)TrenaJect (Trenbolone Acetate)
Tri-Trenabol (3 Trenbolone)Tri-Trenabol (3 Trenbolone)
Lipostabil (Phosphatidylcholine)Lipostabil (Phosphatidylcholine)
Airol  (Retin-A, Tretinoin)Airol (Retin-A, Tretinoin)
Anavar (Oxanabol, Oxandrolone)Anavar (Oxanabol, Oxandrolone)
Cytomel T3 (Liothyronine Sodium)Cytomel T3 (Liothyronine Sodium)
Exemever (Exemestane)Exemever (Exemestane)
Femara (Letrozole)Femara (Letrozole)
L-Thyroxine (Levothyroxine)L-Thyroxine (Levothyroxine)
Proscar (Finasteride)Proscar (Finasteride)
Proviron (Mesterolone)Proviron (Mesterolone)
Spironolactone (Aldactone)Spironolactone (Aldactone)
Sterile DiluentSterile Diluent
Trimetabol (Metopine)Trimetabol (Metopine)
Turanabol (Turinabol)Turanabol (Turinabol)
Anapolon (Oxymetholone)Anapolon (Oxymetholone)
Arimidex (Anastrozole)Arimidex (Anastrozole)
Clenbuterol TabletsClenbuterol Tablets
Clomed (Clomiphene)Clomed (Clomiphene)
Danabol (Dianabol, Methandienone)Danabol (Dianabol, Methandienone)
Esculap (Tadalafil)Esculap (Tadalafil)
Halotest (Halotestin)Halotest (Halotestin)
Nandrolone D (Nandrolone Decanoate)Nandrolone D (Nandrolone Decanoate)
Oxandrolone (Anavar)Oxandrolone (Anavar)
Parabolan (Trenbolone acetate)Parabolan (Trenbolone acetate)
Primobol Amps (Methenolone Enanthate)Primobol Amps (Methenolone Enanthate)
Primobol Tablets (Methenolone Acetate)Primobol Tablets (Methenolone Acetate)
Provimed (Proviron, Mesterolone)Provimed (Proviron, Mesterolone)
Strombafort (Stanozolol tablets)Strombafort (Stanozolol tablets)
Strombaject (Stanozolol)Strombaject (Stanozolol)
Sustamed (Sustanon)Sustamed (Sustanon)
Tamoximed (Tamoxifen)Tamoximed (Tamoxifen)
Testosterone C (Cypionate)Testosterone C (Cypionate)
Testosterone E (Enanthate)Testosterone E (Enanthate)
Testosterone P (Propionate)Testosterone P (Propionate)
Turanabol (Turinabol)Turanabol (Turinabol)
Boldenone UndecylenateBoldenone Undecylenate
Drostanolone Propionate (Masteron)Drostanolone Propionate (Masteron)
Mibolerone (Cheque)Mibolerone (Cheque)
Star-Mix (Nandrolones Mix)Star-Mix (Nandrolones Mix)
Test-Mix (Testosterones Mix)Test-Mix (Testosterones Mix)
Testosterone ETestosterone E
Tren-Mix (Trenbolones Mix)Tren-Mix (Trenbolones Mix)
Trenbolone ATrenbolone A
Trenbolone ETrenbolone E
Trenbolone HTrenbolone H
Anastrover (Anastrozole)Anastrover (Anastrozole)
Androver (Oxymetholon)Androver (Oxymetholon)
Boldever (Boldenone Undecylenate)Boldever (Boldenone Undecylenate)
Clenbuterol-Ver (Clenbuterol Hydrochloride)Clenbuterol-Ver (Clenbuterol Hydrochloride)
Clomiver (Clomiphene Citrate)Clomiver (Clomiphene Citrate)
Cytover (Liothyronine Sodium)Cytover (Liothyronine Sodium)
Fenilver (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate)Fenilver (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate)
Halotever (Fluoxymesterone)Halotever (Fluoxymesterone)
Mastever (Drostanolone Propionate)Mastever (Drostanolone Propionate)
Metilver (Methyltestosterone)Metilver (Methyltestosterone)
Naposim (Methandienone)Naposim (Methandienone)
Oxaver (Oxandrolone)Oxaver (Oxandrolone)
Primover (Methenolone Enanthate)Primover (Methenolone Enanthate)
Primover Tablets (Methenolone Enanthate)Primover Tablets (Methenolone Enanthate)
Proviron-Ver (Mesterolone)Proviron-Ver (Mesterolone)
Restaver (Testosterone Undecanoate)Restaver (Testosterone Undecanoate)
Sildenaver (Sildenafil)Sildenaver (Sildenafil)
Stanover (Stanozolol Injectable Suspension)Stanover (Stanozolol Injectable Suspension)
Stanover (Stanozolol)Stanover (Stanozolol)
Sustaver (Sustanon)Sustaver (Sustanon)
Tadalaver (Tadalafil)Tadalaver (Tadalafil)
Tamoxiver (Tamoxifen Citrate)Tamoxiver (Tamoxifen Citrate)
Testover C (Testosterone Cypionate)Testover C (Testosterone Cypionate)
Testover E (Testosterone Enanthate)Testover E (Testosterone Enanthate)
Testover P (Testosteron- Propionate)Testover P (Testosteron- Propionate)
Trenaver (Trenbolone)Trenaver (Trenbolone)
Trenaver 200 (Trenbolone Enanthate)Trenaver 200 (Trenbolone Enanthate)
Trenaver H (Trenbolone Hexahydrobenylcarbonate)Trenaver H (Trenbolone Hexahydrobenylcarbonate)
Tri-Trenaver (Trenbolone Acetate, Enanthate, Hexahydrobenylcarbonate)Tri-Trenaver (Trenbolone Acetate, Enanthate, Hexahydrobenylcarbonate)
Turinover (Turinabol)Turinover (Turinabol)
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Buy Androgel (Testosterone Gel) Online

Androgel - 30 Packs of gel x 50 mgAndrogel - 30 Packs of gel x 50 mg

Package: 30 Packs of gel x 50 mg. Total 1500mg

Usage: Topical

Androgel (Testosterone Gel) is indicated for men in case of hypogonadism and for development of skeletal muscles.

Produced by: Solvay Pharm S.A.S. (France)

Price:  $199.00Add Androgel - 30 Packs of gel x 50 mg to cart to buy

Androgel (Testosterone Gel), Buy Androgel Online

Brand name: Androgel.
Generic Name: Testosterone Gel.
Active ingredient: Testosterone.

Indications related to Androgel

Androgel represents testosterone gel. It contains 1% of testosterone and certain other inactive ingredients.
The gel is recommended for hormone replacement therapy. Primary hypogonadism and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism are conditions which may require application of this remedy.
This product is also used for muscle gains and increase of energy. It is able to strengthen bones as well.
Women are not allowed to take this drug. So, they should not buy Androgel because they must not use it. As for pregnant and breast-feeding females, they should be especially careful in order to avoid any contact with this preparation.

Androgel in bodybuilding

It is impossible to contest effectiveness of Androgel in bodybuilding. Of course, bodybuilders want to acquire muscle mass, strength and improve bone density. This is an excellent remedy that can help to achieve these goals.
During application of Androgel for bodybuilding's purposes it is necessary to perform physical exercises that involve large muscles of the body. If bodybuilders accompany administration of this preparation with leg presses, bench presses and other exercises that are related to large muscles, they will increase their muscle size significantly. But those exercises which promote weight loss should not be performed often during use of Androgel because energy must be kept and utilized for such exercises which induce increasing muscle mass.
Another aspect which should be taken in consideration during usage of Androgel for bodybuilding's needs is a proper diet. The meal must contain much carbohydrate and protein. These compounds promote building muscles and gaining energy. While protein creates muscles and helps to keep them, carbohydrate is suitable for increase of strength that is used to perform exercises for getting of muscles.

Androgel dosages

Androgel dosages are prescribed individually after patients are examined by doctors scrupulously. Testosterone levels are checked before doses are indicated. Moreover, other personal conditions also influence on measures of this product. Physicians also evaluate changes which occur in body during administration. Basing on these aspects and others, quantities are regulated.
The initial normal Androgel dosage is usually 5 mg applied once per day. Then doctors normally increase it. Sometimes the quantity may reach till 10 mg daily. Serum testosterone levels are measured during application of this product. While reduced levels may lead to decision to increase the initially recommended dose, high ones may require its reduction. Severity of side effects is taken into account too.
As for those who buy Androgel in order to apply it for performance-enhancing effects, they should know that higher quantities are used for this goal. It is impossible to obtain any significant muscle mass and energy due to intake of just 5-10 mg per day. Androgel dosages which are used by athletes vary from 20 to 40 mg daily. Length of application is usually limited by 10-12 weeks.

Does generic Androgel exist?

Many persons ask whether generic Androgel is offered for sale on today's market. Let answer! It doesn't yet exist. According to certain settlements, generic Androgel will appear in 2016. That's why don't seek it!

Androgel side effects

Some Androgel side effects are linked with way of application. Since it is administered through skin, irritation on application sites and dry skin may trouble consumers of this preparation.
This product may influence negatively on functions of nervous, reproductive, endocrine, digestive and certain other systems of the body.
However different adverse reactions may occur due to administration of this remedy, it is important to know at least those of them that have high frequency of appearing. Thus, the most typical negative results of this preparation include headaches, soreness of application sites, acne formation, urination problems, abnormalities related to cholesterol and sugar levels in blood, and hypertrophy of prostate.
Other Androgel side effects are following: fatigue, gynecomastia, hypertension, loss of sex drive, anemia, reduced appetite, abdominal pains, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, erectile dysfunctions, weight gain, clotting problems, heart failure, liver problems, etc.
Women must not use this medication because it causes grave virilizing effects that can be permanent.

Instructions related to application of Androgel

1. Apply Androgel in the morning! It takes certain time for testosterone to be absorbed. That's why it is recommended to use it in the morning.
2. Take a shower and dry yourself before administration of this product!
3. Apply Androgel to the areas of your shoulders, upper arms and abdomen. Only the areas which will be covered by your T-shirt are suitable for application of this remedy.
4. Wait till application sites become dry!
5. Cover the sites where the gel is applied!
6. Avoid washing yourself during 5 hours after usage of this medication! You should allow the active substance to be absorbed into your system.
Before you buy Androgel and start applying it, be sure that you understand all instructions linked with correct administration!

Safety measures

You should cover your application sites in order to avoid direct contact of these locations with another person.
It is necessary to wash the hands with soap scrupulously after application of the product.
No any skin-to-skin contact with other individuals (especially with children and pregnant or breast-feeding women!) is allowed before taking a shower.

Androgel reviews

If you are looking for Androgel reviews, we may help you, presenting essential conclusions made on basis of numerous reports. A lot of men claim that they have achieved good results due to administration of this medication. They write about increase of testosterone levels, enhancement of libido, reduction of fat deposits, gaining of muscle mass and energy. Some elder males affirm that they feel as if they were young again.
Looking through Androgel reviews, you may come across some complaints of users. They note about side effects which have troubled them because of the gel. Irritation on application sites is the most frequently mentioned adverse reaction. Several persons also confirm that they don't see any changes, however they use this medication. In fact, it is hard to determine reasons, just reading reports and having no any direct contact with these individuals. They must have applied incorrect dosages or have had some other problems which are not noticed in the reviews.
You may define whether it is reasonable for you to study Androgel reviews or not. Actually, the most important information about this product is provided in the description of this preparation.


Women and males under 18 years old must not administer Androgel. This product is also contraindicated in the following cases:
- allergy to any ingredient of the preparation;
- breast cancer;
- prostate cancer.

Androgel coupons

Adrogel coupons represent certain electronic tickets which allow getting this product at discounted prices. Manufacturers and retailers usually offer coupons for this medicine or another one in order to increase demand and promote selling.
As for our online pharmacy, we don't offer Androgel coupons because this preparation is sold at a low price at our store.
Some pharmacies claim that you may save 10-20% with the help of a coupon for this medication but you may observe that this product is offered by them at high costs. So, you save no money, using coupons and purchasing this remedy at such shops. That's why before making your decision compare prices at different pharmacies!

Androgel prices/costs

Some individuals say that Androgel costs much. Especially those who have to administer this preparation regularly claim that it is very expensive. You may observe that many persons complain about high Androgel prices. As you know, precious stuff costs normally relatively much.
When it comes to our drug store, Androgel price is acceptable. However we don't provide any coupon for this medicine, it is profitable to purchase it from our pharmacy due to the reasonable price.

Buy Androgel Online

Those who want to buy Androgel may get it via internet. It is available at numerous online drug stores. Our pharmacy offers this preparation for sale too.

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